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Inagua stands as the third largest and most southern island in the Bahamas and is the source of nearly one million pounds of salt annually. Its name is derived from Heneagua, a Spanish word meaning “water is to be found there”. While being mostly low and flat, James Hill on the north coast rises 90 feet tall, East Hill rises 132 feet tall, and Salt Pond Hill on the south coast rises 102 feet tall.

Inagua consists of two islands, Little Inagua and Great Inagua Island, both known for their lush natural landscapes, making them very popular for ecotourists. Inagua National Land & Sea Park covers nearly half of Great Inagua Island and is home to variety of flora and fauna including over 80,000 West Indian Flamingos, the Bahama parrot, pelicans, hummingbirds, ducks,  and plenty more animals.